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5 Ways To Rebuild Your Relationship With Your Partner

couples counselingEmotional distance, withholding love, aggressive words -- These are just a few of the difficult experiences you might be having in a troubled relationship. Fortunately, with the right help and plenty of compassion, you can rebuild your relationship into something even stronger. By getting to the root of your problems through couples counseling and implementing more caring communication into your lives, you and your partner can begin to heal. Start to rebuild today by following these tips. 

  • Practice active listening. A lit bit of extra listening goes a long way. Work with your partner to actually hear each other out. When it is your turn to speak, be calm and honest. When it is their turn, listen until they are finished speaking. Make then feel validated and calmly ask about what you don't understand.

  • Focus on the present. When it comes to relationship problems, it is easy to focus on the past -- both the good and the bad. Try to release resentment about your partner's past actions and let go of "what we once were." Instead, focus on the current nature of your family and relationship.

  • Celebrate small victories. Progress will not come all at once, so take the time to notice that small changes. This can be a lingering hug, a affirming comment, or physical touch. No action is too small, and it is your choice what to celebrate.

  • Take care of yourself. While you are putting work into you and your partner as a unit, it is important to remember your own needs. Take the time you need to care for your own mental health. Do things you enjoy and spend time with friends to ensure that you are fulfilled as an individual.

  • See a couples counselor. According to the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, 98% of couples who attended couples counseling were satisfied with the outcome. These counselors are trained to help you and your partner through any issue that you are experiencing, so these sessions are certainly worth your time.

While you are going through the healing process, remember the power of empathy. This person is your partner for a reason, so try to see how they are feeling. This will help you join together to heal your relationship.