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Therapy for Individuals

Couples, & Families



Couple Therapy Session


Free counseling services are being offered to all impacted by the Route 91 Tragedy.

Support and Process groups are available for those who were at the Route 91 concert. 

Please know it is not a weakness to need to share or process what you saw or experienced. Courage and vulnerability go hand in hand. 



FREE Counseling 702-466-3750 (main reception number)

Group Process and Share: 702-526-1324 (call to reserve and get more information)









As we all continue to experience the effects of the Route 91 Tragedy please be mindful to stay out of comparative suffering, ranking tragedy or suffering, which in most cases will have you dismissing or invalidating your own feelings. You may even feel 'guilty' for having feelings of your own sorrow or pain. Comparative Suffering is scarcity thinking. We have more than enough love and empathy to go around.