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Therapy Services for People in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Online Across Nevada and Washington

Las Vegas Counseling Center is a team of counselors committed to providing hope, wellness, and healing. Much more than counselors, we're your allies on your life's journey, even when times are tough.

Through compassionate Therapy, we help People go from being in a dark place to feeling hopeful and excited about life again.

We believe everyone deserves to live a good, full life.

We work every day to help you feel in control of your life. From losing your sense of creativity and inspiration in life to feeling numb and tired, we’re the counselors that can help you to a place where you feel energetic, goal-oriented, and more excited about what's ahead in the future.

"Las Vegas Counseling Center is here to help transform lives through kind, compassionate, and effective therapy. Mental health affects how we feel, think, and act, especially during tough times. It can also make or break our relationships and influence our choices. We exist to help people manage it all and heal so they can create their best lives.”

Founded by Karen Anderson LMFT in 2017, we are now a thriving practice with a team of multiple counselors. With each of us bringing our unique life experiences and interests, we serve a diverse range of clients.

We Are Driven To Free People From Emotional Pain

At Las Vegas Counseling Center, our core values are essential to who we are and how we help. Here are the values that guide us.

Help compassionately. We are here to serve with a generous spirit and give back as much as we can. We are here to help.

Always collaborate. Our counselors collaborate with you to ensure we provide the care that suits your unique needs best. We genuinely care for every client.

Support the entire person. For most people relationships can be complex, it's hard to sort things out, and challenges can arise across multiple areas of life all at once. We support all of who you are.

Care and connect. Empathy is the starting point for creating community and building authentic relationships. We are dedicated to helping humans connect and stay connected.

Diversity is welcome. We welcome clients of all ages, cultures, ethnicities, sexualities, and spiritual beliefs. In addition, we bring together therapists from diverse backgrounds who can bring their experiences into how they help. Diversity and inclusion are our strengths.

What Our Clients Say

We often hear the following feedback from People about working with our counselors.

  • We helped them transform their lives

  • We helped their relationships

  • We made a big difference for them in their lives

  • We have the ability to break challenging issues into smaller, more manageable, bites

  • We gave them ideas for what to apply in their lives

Professionals That Refer Clients To Us

Here are a handful of the professionals in our community that refer clients our way.

  • Dr. Sydney Freggiaro ND

  • Dr. Russell N. Neibaur, MD

  • Former Clients

  • Fellow Clinicians

Let’s Help You Start feeling hopeful and excited about life again. Get Therapy Today

Here's how it works: Call to schedule, use our online scheduler, or fill out our form to receive a call and get help choosing a therapist. Pick whichever is the simplest for you!

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