How To Schedule An Appointment

We understand the vulnerability it takes to make that first step and schedule an appointment. We have made this process as easy as possible to complete. All of our forms are available online, with no printing or paper forms to complete or submit. With ease, all our forms can be filled out electronically by phone, iPad, or computer and signed electronically. 

  1. Call 702-466-3750 and our scheduler will work to create an appointment for you with one of our experienced interns, at a time that is most convenient for you.

  2. You will be asked to an email that you are comfortable using. You will receive all the easy to fill out, online forms, from a secure email site. You simply need to select a passphrase and you will be taken to your HIPPA compliant and secure email. At the same time, you will also receive a link to our online Zoom HIPPA compliant video platform. By selecting the link the process is automatic. You will receive an email with the directions below.

    Steps to connect: 
       A. Below you will find our appointment time and date information with a link that follows inviting you to connect to our meeting. 
       B. Click and follow the link to the zoom page where you will be prompted to download the application if don't have it already.
      C. You will be asked to chose if you want to join or schedule a meeting. Click on the icon that says "JOIN."
       D. Utilize the "Meeting ID" and "Password" provided below when prompted. 
       E. Once the video session is initiated, please make sure to opt into “call in using computer/internet audio.”

  3. You will be sent all the forms that you need to complete before your first session. To make this simple for you, all forms are completed online and submitted with your e-signature. 

  4. At your scheduled time, log on to the ZOOM link account and have your personalized session.

  5. We are here to make this as simple as possible for you. If there is anything we can do to facilitate an easier experience for you, please let us know. 


Please fill out and submit and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

10665 Park Run Drive Las Vegas Nevada 89144