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Helping You Find Peace of Mind
with Professional Counseling

Begin the Journey to a Healthier Relationship with
Yourself and Others Today.

In Person & Virtual Sessions

Centrally Located in Las Vegas

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We're Glad You're Here...

Today, you're taking a vital step towards rediscovering a brighter YOU and setting foot on a path filled with growth and positivity. 

At Las Vegas Counseling Center, we provide a welcoming space where, together, we can explore and navigate the challenges holding you back from a happier, more fulfilling life. Let's journey forward together.

Rediscover Joy: Is it time to find the joy in your life once more?
⚖️ Anxiety & Stress: Feeling the weight of anxiety or becoming too stressed?
🔄 Negative Thoughts: Battling persistent negative thoughts?
🛠️ Mental Challenges: Handling ADHD, PTSD, depression, or navigating relationship hurdles?

Don’t wait. Today can be your beginning.


Have Questions?

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Las Vegas Counseling Center

  • In-person and Online in Las Vegas

  • Online in all of Nevada 

  • Day, Evening and Weekend Appointments

  • Easy booking and client portal to manage your future appointments.

  • Competent and trained professional counselors

  • Grief and Trauma Specialists are available.

You Are Not Alone

With years of experience, our clinic is dedicated to supporting a diverse range of clients, from individuals and families to couples and children. We specialize in EMDR, trauma interventions, grief counseling, and psychotherapy (counseling), ensuring a tailored approach for everyone. Our goal is to guide you on a journey towards healing and resilience, 

Therapy session
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You can embrace a new perspective, and we're here to walk alongside you as you begin.

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