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Vaida Kazlauskaite Ph.D.


Vaida is a compassionate therapist known for her warm and approachable style, Vaida excels at helping individuals navigate the challenges of anxiety and life transitions, all while providing invaluable guidance in developing essential life skills needed to build a successful career and life plan.


With a focus on empathy, patience, and understanding, Vaida specializes in guiding individuals through anxiety and the twists and turns of modern life. Her modern, compassionate approach has empowered countless individuals to overcome these hurdles. 


🌟 Expertise in navigating complex life decisions


🧘 Specialized support for managing anxiety and enhancing life skills in career-oriented adults

🏥 Profound guidance through medical diagnosis and prognosis





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Dr. Vaida Kazlauskaite
MFT Intern

50 Mins ~ $150

Dr. Vaida Kazlauskaite specializes in working with families, couples, and individuals. Her areas of expertise are depression, anxiety, death and dying, and grief. Additionally, as a Medical Family therapist, Dr. Kazlauskaite works with clients who are diagnosed with a medical illness and are experiencing hardship to their relationships, work, and life in general. She has expertise in communication efforts about terminal and chronic illness and its effects on mental health. 

Dr. Kazlauskaite is an Assistant Professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) in the Couple and Family Therapy Program. Her work is published in several empirical research journals, including Family, Systems, and Health and Contemporary Family Therapy

Female Lecturer


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patients and their families. In Hertlein, K. (Eds.) International Handbook of Couple and Family
Therapy. Routledge

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